What is the best time of year to see icebergs and whales?

Every year is different but typically the icebergs flow late May, June and sometimes into July. The whales tend to follow in July and August, although have been spotted other times of year as well. Icebergs and whales are definitely a highlight but there is no shortage of incredible sights and wildlife in the area.

How safe is it? Do I need kayaking experience?

Safety is our number one priority. We'll provide the equipment and instruction to not only keep you safe but also comfortable. We use double (2 person) kayaks which are very stable so that people with little or no experience will have an enjoyable tour. We also limit our tours to 6 people (3 kayaks) so that our guide is always near by.

Can I bring my kids?

Kayaking can be enjoyed at any age and although we don't have an age minimum we do consider the weight of the child and experience of the parent. It's best to call ahead if your child is under 10 years of age.

What should I wear?

We provide wetsuits, drytops , hand warmers, and lifejackets. You may also want to consider layering with quick dry clothing or a fleece. You should wear comfortable footwear that you're okay to get wet. Bring sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses. Try to avoid jeans, cotton or winter jackets. We also recommend that you bring a change of clothing for after the tour.

What if I get tired or sick?

There is no pride on the water. If you're not feeling well or need a break, just say so. We're always somewhere beautiful, so taking a break will just allow us all to take in the scenery and if you're feeling sick, we're always close to shore.