Sea Kayaks

Try Before You Buy!

P&H Virgo MV & LV - Day/Weekend, Ocean Play

P&H Scorpio II LV & MV - Expedition Kakak

Venture Islay 12 TriLite Skudder Fit4

Venture LEO MV & HV


We carry a variety of Aqua Bound and Bending Branches Paddles starting at $79.95.

Try before you buy is also available for our paddles, so you get the feel on the water to know you got the right size for you!

NRS Outfitting and Gear

We are a proud distributor of NRS products ranging from drysuits to kayak straps.

Below are some of the products we carry. Please call if you are looking for a specific item or size as we can confirm stock or place an order for you.


Farmer Jane Wetsuit

Farmer John Wetsuits

Rio Splash Jacket

Riptide Splash Jacket

Endurance Splash Jacket

Riptide Splash Jacket

High Tide Splash Jacket

High Tide Splash Jacket

Flux Dry top

Flux Dry Top

Paddle Gloves


Storm Hood

Water Shoes

Safety Gear

Kayak Straps

Universal Foam Block

Roof Rack Pads