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Seaglass Cottage - Twillingate

Knight's Landing BnB - Moreton's Harbour

Please Support Those Who Support Us!


We are looking to local businesses to help support the effort and cost required to host a world-class ultramarathon on Twillingate Island. Our goals are:

· Extend the tourist season into late September by filling Twillingate with runners from around the island.

· Build the Rockcut Twillingate Trails brand by putting on a world-class event that immerses runners in the unrivaled beauty of Twillingate Island.

· Create an ultramarathon that will draw competitive runners annually and rank on the list of top ultramarathons in the world.

All sponsors will have their logo on our sponsor/registration page of our website and again in the swag bags that every runner will receive upon check-in. We will ask participants to stay/eat/explore with our sponsored partners and will promote your business on our Facebook page. Sponsors will be advertised in the order that they are received.

Sponsorship tiers are based on the location and number of businesses within that location. So, if there is 1 business at your location, you are tier 1 but if there is 2 businesses at your location, you are tier 2 and so forth. Or, if you own more than 1 business and wish to advertise them, it would be reflected in the tiers.

Tier 1: $250

Tier 2: $450

Tier 3: $600

Tier 4: $700 and any additional tier is $50 per tier.

If you are an individual or the owner of a vacation home and wish to support the event, it will be $75 and your name/business will be listed on our website as a such.

*We are open to other sponsorship ideas (ie gifts in kind, volunteer hours, etc). If you wish to participate in another way, please email us your ideas.

Where does the money go?

The money received from our sponsors will be used to help cover the cost of insurance, first aid/paramedics, photographers, signage, timing equipment, medals, bibs, winner's prizes and participant/volunteer swag.

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at rockcutultra@gmail.com