Rockcut Ultra & 19km 

September 24, 2022

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Race Updates

Race Date: September 24, 2022

Race Details

Rockcut Ultra 66kms

Rockcut 19km Trail Race

Rockcut Ultra – 66kms

Starting in Snellins Cove, runners will head north through Back Harbour to the lighthouse and back down the other side of the Island as they make there way to South Twillingate. From there you will head to French Beach and along the coastal Rockcut Trails to Little Harbour before circling back.

Rockcut 19km

The 19km trail race will run the beginning portion of the ultra, with a start and finish in Snellins Cove. This section is arguably one of the harder, prettier routes on the island.

Elevation Gain/Loss

Ultra: 7,298 ft

Rockcut 19: 2,909 ft

Cut-Off Times

Ultra Cut-Off Times and Distances:

42km Cut-off is 8 hours and the race must be completed in 12 hours.

Rockcut 19km runners will have 4 hours to complete the race.

Start and Finish

Known to the locals as Snellins Cove but found on charts as Dumpling Cove. To get there, you come onto North Twilllingate Island, over the tickle, and take a left where there are signs for the Twillingate Museum and the Wooden Boat Museum. Follow the road until it turns into a dirt road and just around past the cemetery is the picturesque Snellins Cove.

Water & Food

There will be water and food stations (as long as Covid does not restrict us) throughout the course. Last year we had 50 volunteers and we will look for that same support to make this race well marked and the runners well cared for.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you cancel prior to July 1, we will offer a full refund minus any processing fees. If you cancel after July 1, there will not be a refund as we start to spend the money but a swag bag will be available to you.

Sweater Donation

If you wish to wear an old sweater to the start line, there will be collection bins and all items will be donated locally.

Rockcut 2021 Charitable Donation

As many of you know, Rockcut 2021 race was cancelled by the Deputy Minister of Health at the last hour. Due to the cancellation, there was $523.27 remaining in the budget. With that, Rockcut 2021 donated $273 to Remembering Robbie, a local not for profit that works hard to raise awareness about mental health. There was also a donation made to the Twillingate Fire Department, an amazing group of volunteers who keep our community safe. The money was used to help purchase a stretcher with large wheels, designed specifically for off road (trail) rescues. And, well we kept the $0.27 🙂

Covid Guidelines

At the time of the race, we will follow all government issued Covid guidelines.

Train Hard, Stay Safe, See You in Septempber.

Link to Rockcut Trails

(does not include all trails used in the race)

Please Support Our Sponsors

Sponsorship Opportunities

$75 Vacation Homes/BnB's

If you are the owner of a vacation home or BnB and want to support the race, we ask for $75 or that you volunteer throughout the race. Your sponsorship will contribute to the overall outcome of the race and in return, you will be listed on the website with a direct link to your booking site.

$450 & $600 Multiple Businesses

If you own multiple businesses and want each of them highlighted, the price is $450 for 2 businesses and $600 for 3+ businesses.

$250 Business Sponsorship

If you are the owner of a single business and wish to sponsor, it is a $250 donation or the equivalent in prizes. In return, your logo will be on our website where we encourage runners to support our partners.